What We Offer Organization Transformation Diversity Equity and Empowerment Sustainable Growth Plan Technology and Innovation Education Services

Organization Transformation

Operation Freedom provides a meticulous, step by step “Greenprint” to build the internal and external structure for an organization.  Our handbook supplements our ground level technical assistance and strategies to guide individuals, programs, and newly created organizations through 501(C ) process and becoming an established non-profit organization. We work with individuals and institutional staff at all levels to formulate strategies and techniques that allow them to initiate innovation in the delivery of products, programs and services.


Diversity, Equity & Empowerment

Diversity and inclusive environments go hand in hand with people centered organizations. Global Bain offers trainings and strategies committed to the “no man/woman” left behind approach, which certifies the inclusion of ideas, perspectives and people from all walks of life and sectors of society to ensure that your brand reflects a wide spectrum of desires and interests.

Sustainable Growth Plan (SGP)

Global Bain has designed a tool known as the Sustainable Growth Plan or “SGP” that produces a green print for success by capturing the ideas, desires and aspirations of individuals and organizations using a systematic approach towards achieving goals and milestones. The SGP tool enables individuals to create roadmap to success by focusing on three critical areas: Aspiration Mapping, Bridge Building and Content Management.

Technology & Innovation

Aligning technology to your mission and business objectives depends on the interplay of strategy, design, infrastructure and adaptability. Global Bain take an integrated approach to help organizations assess technology capabilities, governance and operating model designs. We build platforms and systems including but not limited to cloud architecture & migration, network and storage design and interactive websites and digital realms to keep you current with technology and innovation.

Education & Evaluation Services

In partnership with Jomoworks, Global Bain offers a whole suite of educational consulting services including Program Evaluation & Assessment, Educational Testing, Teacher Professional Development, Strategic Fundraising & Grant Writing and School – Community Engagement. Our partnership with KNG Technologies enables us to offer customized live software development courses for all ages and levels that can be taken in either a remote or a classroom setting. By leveraging our expertise in software development education we can help individuals develop key technical and software skills. Whether it is an introductory programming course in Scratch for 3rd graders or a Javascript course to jumpstart a career in computer coding for adult learners, we make learning fun, interactive, and sustainable.